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Senior Co-living

Cher Living is a senior co-living provider that offers seniors housing in beautiful single-family homes within social and safe environments.  

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  • What's included in the monthly rental rate?
    Your monthly rent includes your chosen room in your chosen Cher co-living house. All houses come fully furnished and include all utilities, wireless internet, landscaping and lawn care, home insurance, home maintenance, any HOA fees, and property taxes.
  • What is the minimum age?
    The minimum age to qualify for Cher senior co-living is 65 years old.
  • Who is a candidate to live at Cher senior co-living?
    Cher is a seniors-only co-living provider that offers housing for seniors over the age of 70 who are in good physical and mental health and able to live independently--without the need of assistance.
  • What do you mean when you say Cher selects senior-friendly houses?
    We carefully hand-select houses based on factors that matter to seniors and for maintaining senior independence. For example, if a house has a stairs, stairs must be carpeted, showers have to be easily accessible for those with mobility limitations, and there must be at least one bedroom on the first floor. In addition to general safety features for seniors, we also look for houses that have a layout that is conducive to privacy, comfort and socialization. We seek houses that have great social spaces, such as open-concept living spaces, houses with both a living room and a den, and outdoor entertainment spaces.
  • Can couples live in Cher?
    Yes, couples are welcome at Cher in rooms that have a queen or king bed and a private bathroom. Please not that there is an additional fee for double occupancy, which varies by house but averages around $200 to 400 on top of the single occupancy price.
  • What happens if I don't like my housemates?
    While we do our best to match seniors with likeminded seniors, in the instance where a senior is not happy within their current house they are free to move out of Cher or try a different Cher house.
  • Is there parking?
    Yes, all of our houses offer off-street parking. Seniors who drive and own a car are welcome to bring their vehicle and park on the property. In the instance where a house has many seniors with vehicles, on-site parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Are all bedroom private?
    Yes, Cher only offers private bedrooms. So you will never be sharing a room, unless you opt to move into Cher with a partner.
  • What if you don't offer a house in a location I want?
    We are always looking to expand our offerings and are always happy to hear where you would like to see a Cher house!
  • How do you ensure someone is a good fit for a senior co-living house?
    Each co-living house has its own personality and unique community based on those who call it home. To help ensure that seniors find their new house to be a good fit, we have a house-matching process. This entails completing a questionnaire that asks a large range of questions that cover everything from lifestyle preferences to personality and even political preferences. We do our best to put likeminded people with similar interests, lifestyle and goals together to try to build strong communities of people who love living together. In the instance where someone does not find that their house is a good fit for them, we will do our best to find a more suitable house. Alternatively, since our houses are contract-free, seniors are always free to try a house and move out--to another Cher house or elsewhere.
  • Does it cost anything to join the waitlist?
    No, it is free to join our waitlist!
  • What happens when your name comes up next on the waitlist?
    We will contact you with details on the available property. From there, you can book directly through the Cher Living website. During the online booking process you will be able to choose your move-in date. All move-in information will be supplied upon booking and a house manager will be available on move-in day to provide keys, house information, and assist with the move in any way possible.
  • How long is the waitlist?
    The wait time for our waitlists vary from as little as a month to six months. Wait time varies based on a number of factors, such as your desired location, room-type, and whether or not you'd be a good fit for the available room(s). For example, we may have a room open up in a house in your desired location, however, if you're looking for a quiet home and the house is full of night owls who like to host gatherings, then you will not be offered a room in this house.
  • Why don't you disclose the addresses of your senior co-living houses?
    Out of privacy for our current seniors, we do not disclose the addresses of our senior co-living houses.
  • Is it possible to tour a house before booking it?
    Generally we do not offer in-house tours out of respect to those seniors who currently reside in the house. As great as home tours can be for those interested in Cher, they tend to be disruptive to the privacy and peace of those who call the house home. Trust us that you'll be happy we don't give tours once its your home.
  • Can seniors with dementia live in a Cher co-living house?
    No, all of our seniors must be able to live 100% independently in order to qualify for Cher.
  • What happens if a senior develops dementia or a health issue while staying at Cher?
    The needs of seniors evolves with time and so seniors who can no longer live independently must move to a more suitable home, such as an assisted living facility. We advise that all seniors have a plan in place for once they can no longer live independently and for this reason we also partner with local assisted living facilities and nursing homes so that alternative care is available for those who find themselves in need.
  • Is smoking allowed?
    No, smoking is not allowed--even outside. All of our Cher houses are smoke-free. Those who wish to smoke are free to do so off-premise.
  • Is alcohol allowed?
    Yes, alcohol is allowed. Cher is an independent senior living provider, so outside of smoking (which impacts housemates), seniors are allowed to make their own decisions, including the purchase and consumption of alcohol.
  • Are there contracts or leases?
    No, there are no contracts or leases so seniors are never locked into a property. Instead, payments are made on a month-to-month basis.
  • Do you accept Medicare?
    No, Cher houses are self-pay. However, unlike senior living facilities we keep our costs low, making our houses as affordable as possible.
  • Do you accept Medicaid?
    No, Cher houses are self-pay. However, unlike senior living facilities we keep our costs low, making our houses as affordable as possible.
  • Do you require a deposit to move-in?
    No, Cher does not require a deposit to move-in. Simply pay for the month ahead.
  • What forms of payment does Cher accept?
    Payments are set up as recurring payments online through the Cher website. Each payment is for the next month,. These can be created used a credit card or debit card. The reason we use recurring online payments is to streamline the payment system. This way, once a senior is in a Cher senior co-living house, they do not need to worry about paying for rent each month. When a senior moves out, simply cancel the recurring payment.
  • What happens when a senior can no longer live independently?
    While our mission is to help seniors maintain their independence, there comes a time when seniors need more assistance. For this reason, Cher has partnerships with nearby senior living facilities so that when a Cher senior needs to move to a home with care (i.e., assisted living facility or nursing home), they have a spot waiting for them. We also advise seniors to join waitlists for their desired senior living facilities.
  • What happens if I don't like my housemates?
    While we do our best to match seniors with likeminded seniors, in the instance where a senior is not happy within their current house they are free to move out of Cher or try a different Cher house.
  • Who is responsible for cleaning the shared spaces in the house?
    All Cher houses come with a professional cleaning service that comes to clean the shared areas of the house (e.g., the kitchen, living room, bathrooms) on a weekly basis.
  • Who is responsible for buying shared goods like toilet paper?
    Every Cher house has a house manager who is responsible for buying shared goods such as toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, laundry detergent, coffee and tea.
  • Are visitors allowed at the house?
    Yes, of course! While we ask that you are respectful of your housemates, Cher seniors are welcome to have friends and family visit as you would at home.
  • Are visitors allowed to sleep over?
    Out of respect for your fellow housemates, we ask that visitors do not stay late or spend the night.
  • What community events do you offer?
    We offer a range of events, which are held on a house and community-basis. These events are determined by the interests of our seniors, so they will vary from house and city. These events are geared towards fostering both socialization and hobbies/interests. For insight events can include things such as: Weekly poker night Birthday dinners for seniors Beach BBQs Pool parties Book club Pickleball club Gardening Local theater Yoga Nature walks and birdwatching Car shows (vintage muscle cars and hot rods) Workshops and classes (e.g., French pastry cooking class, glass blowing, winemaking)
  • Do community events cost extra?
    No, community events are included for every Cher senior. Our house manager will organize each event, and in the event where the event has a fee, that will be paid for directly by the house manager. Additionally, the house manager will coordinate any necessary transportation to/from events to ensure all events are easily accessible to all seniors.
  • Can seniors request certain events?
    Yes! In fact, we love when seniors tell us what they want to do. So whether you're looking to try a new restaurant in town, go golfing at a nearby course or attend an upcoming event (i.e., a concert or show) please let us know. We're also open to day trip and weekend trip ideas, so you don't have to be limited to your own local vicinity. To help make the process of suggesting events, seniors and their families can request events through the senior portal. This ensures that all suggestions are received by our house manager and visible to the team at Cher.
  • Can you coordinate transportation to/from a local church or place of worship?
    Yes, we can coordinate transportation to and from a local church or place of worship. We understand that religion is important for many people and we believe that part of maintaining independence is helping people do the things they want the freedom to do.
  • Do you provide groceries?
    No, Cher senior co-living is an independent senior living operator and so seniors are responsible for their own groceries, just as they always have been. However, we do provide grocery assistance for those who have mobility issues or simply prefer not to go grocery shopping. For example, our house manager can help seniors with ordering grocery delivery via delivery services such as Uber Eats or DoorDash, or through online grocery stories such as Walmart, Target or Thrive Market.

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