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Senior Co-living in Florida 

Cher Living is a 65+ co-living provider that offers independent seniors housing in beautiful single-family homes within social and safe environments.  

Joyful female friends having a conversation. Senior Women Socializing in Lounge Using Lapt

What is senior co-living?

Coliving is a modern form of shared housing where each resident rents their own private room in a shared house. 

Senior coliving offers seniors the opportunity to live independently but socially in a shared house with fellow seniors. Because seniors are splitting the cost of the house, it is a more affordable way to live in a single-family home.


Not only is senior co-living a more affordable form of independent senior living, but it also comes with the benefit of decreased isolation and increased happiness, as each co-living house operates as a family (and more importantly, often feels like a family). And with others around, it becomes a safer environment for independent seniors.

Independent senior living where home is a house 

Social senior living

With Cher senior co-living, seniors enjoy the privacy of a private bedroom while living in a shared single-family house. Cher senior houses offer family-style living, which effectively reduces senior isolation while increasing socialization, as well as general well-being and overall happiness.  

Senior neighbors having fun spending sunny summer day together outdoors, having a backyard

Independent and safe

Seniors living in a Cher senior co-living house get the best of both worlds where they can maintain their independence while living within a safe environment. By living in a shared house, seniors are able to keep an eye out for one another, serve as another set of eyes and call for help if needed.

Modern Smart Home

Single-family houses

Cher senior co-living houses are single-family homes in residential neighborhoods--not within senior living communities or facilities. Homes are carefully selected based on a range of factors such as location, walkability,  floorplans, and home features that help seniors remain safe and independent. 


What's included?

All utilities

Weekly cleaning service

Furnished house

Private room

In-house laundry

Wireless internet 

Home maintenance

Social events (optional)

Flexible move-in

No contracts (month-to-month)

In-home safety features 

House manager 

Want to know more? 

Check out our frequently asked questions. 

A home you can be proud of,
a community you love

Independent senior living where your home is a house and where you're at home with family. 


Where will your next home be?

Typical Southwest Florida concrete block and stucco home in the countryside with palm tree
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Beautiful home, property with freshly cut lawn and palm trees.jpg
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Typical Southwest Florida concrete block and stucco home in the countryside with palm tree
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Don't see your desired location? Request a city you would want Cher Senior Co-Living to be in. 

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